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Fibroids Specialist

Apogee Women's Health

OB-GYN located in College Park, GA

At Apogee Women's Health, Dr. Anthony Adams and his staff can effectively diagnose and treat fibroids and other types of abnormalities that sometimes affect the female reproductive system. Patients who live in and around the College Park area near Atlanta, are encouraged to visit Dr. Adams and his staff if they have any questions concerning their reproductive health and well-being.

Fibroids Q & A

What causes fibroids?

Fibroids develop from the smooth muscle that makes up the outer portion of the uterus. Abnormalities in the tissue may cause fibroids to grow. Some are tiny, while others may grow larger than a softball. Also known as myomas, fibroids are rarely cancerous although they may visibly look similar to a tumor.

Dr. Adams will often find fibroids during a pelvic examination. Larger ones can be felt through the abdominal wall, but Dr. Adams will have to discover the smaller ones during your pelvic exam. Most women have fibroids at some point in their lives, but they often dissolve and are reabsorbed by the body without causing any outward symptoms.

How are fibroids treated?

The location of the fibroids and their overall size will determine whether or not they should be surgically removed. When the fibroids are first detected, Dr. Adams will want to know if they’re causing any discomfort. Large ones that lie next to blood vessels or nerves may cause pain and discomfort. Smaller ones, however, may grow and then shrink before they can cause any obvious symptoms.

Small fibroids will often shrink before Dr. Adams has a chance to treat them. If fibroids are detected, Dr. Adams will allow them to remain in place and check them in a few weeks to see if they're still there. If they can still be felt, or if they've grown larger, he may choose to remove them.

Can fibroids affect fertility?

Large fibroids can put pressure on nearby organs, causing damage to them. In fact, fibroids that grow excessively large may begin damaging your uterus. If there are several small fibroids located on the uterus or a few large ones, Dr. Adams may want to remove them to allow the uterus and other reproductive organs to function normally.

If you’re known to have fibroids and have difficulty conceiving, Dr. Adams may recommend removing the fibroids to see if that allows for a pregnancy to occur. If the fibroids are numerous and keep returning, another treatment option will be considered.

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Apogee Women's Health accepts most major insurance plans. Please contact our office directly with any questions.

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